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About us
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Shawn Pierce Engineering was founded in September 2009, in Nipomo, CA.

Just who is this guy Shawn Pierce?

Engineering Background
I graduated from California Polytechnic State University in 1998 with a Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering.  During the summers of my college career, I interned with kpff Consulting Engineers in San Francisco, CA.

While studying at Cal Poly, I, like many of my fellow classmates, was bitten by the bug of the beautiful Central Coast.  I'd had my fill with the commuting and all that comes with a job in the "big city" and I knew that my heart and soul was here on the Central Coast.  So I set out to find a position with an engineering firm in the area.  This is where I was introduced to Mr. Rick Ambrose at RLA Engineering.  In 1998, I joined the team at RLA Engineering and my professional exposure to structural design had begun.

While working at RLA Engineering, I was exposed to a wide variety of projects and skill sets.  Rick's philosophy was that each engineer was responsible for management of each and every project they were working on, all the while falling under Rick's watchful eye.  This exposure to project management at the early stages in my design career developed my skills as a communicator with a vast variety of Architects, Designers, Contractors, and Owners as well as ever expanding my knowledge in the numerous types of building materials and their interaction.

In late 2008, I was promoted to General Manager of the office and this opportunity provided me the chance to become more of a leader to my fellow engineers and increase my exposure to the day to day business of an engineering firm.  It was the lessons learned during this time that proved to be paramount in my development and led me to open Shawn Pierce Engineering in 2009.

Shawn Pierce Engineering
Being that we are a young firm, we are more adaptable to trying out new ways of thinking/designing our projects.  Said differently, we aren't stuck in the same ole ways of doing things to which many of the "old timers" have become accustomed.  We are embracing the new ways of our information rich new world.  The internet, and the vast capabilities it has provided us, is ever changing the way we communicate with one another and the information available to us.  With these new resources, we can greatly improve the communication between firms and transfer of information back and forth.

We have also embraced the new social media outlets in order to provide you with more access.  You can follow our firm through our Facebook and Twitter pages.  And coming soon, we will be adding a new blog to our website that will cover a variety of topics; code changes, new and exciting building materials, challenges our industry faces, and the future of where our industry is going.

We aim for this website to be a resource to every facet of the design and construction of your project.

What can Shawn Pierce Engineering do for you?
This firm provides a complete structural design package.  This means that all structural calculations, drawings and technical information are provided to you in a clear professional matter that compliments the other construction documents in your design package.

For an example of our typical calculation set, please click here.

For an example of our typical structural drawings, please click here.

We provide insight and consultation throughout the entire project in order to assist you with the requirements of the structural system. We will always be alert for and share opportunities where time and money may be saved with the implementation of different options that may not have been forecast during the genesis of the project.

Once the project has received approval from the building jurisdiction and you receive the building permit, we will assist the design team and the contractors during the construction of the project.  When required, we can also perform the necessary structural observations in order to complete the project.

Upon completion of the project, our efforts don't stop there.  In our attempt to create a better value and level of service, we will follow up on this project with you to see if there are aspects of the project that we can improve upon.

Our goal is excellence!!!  We are commited to providing full-service engineering, from the inception of your project through its completion.  We want you to know that your project is exceptionally important to us and that we will strive to make you a "raving" fan of Shawn Pierce Engineering.